Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Katherine Jenkins denies diva demands got her ditched from Warners

Opera singer Katherine Jenkins has confirmed reports today that she’s left her music label Warners, however firmly denied claims that she’s parted company with the giant because of alleged “diva” like behaviour.

The star took to Twitter to tell her followers that she’s no longer with Warners having come to the end of a “three album” deal and said she looks back on her time at the label with nothing but “happiness.” She also added that she’s got an exciting project in the pipeline.

A report at the Daily Mail however paints a very different picture of her departure, claiming that music executives “ditched” her because she’d lost them £2million and had demanded £1,500 a day hair and make up sessions while touring or doing public appearances.

In response to that Katherine told her followers on Twitter:

“When I attended my first ever Brits a lady journo from the Daily Mail told me: ‘we love you at our paper but sooner or later we are going to have to start trashing you.’”

“Sadly, that day is well and truly here. I personally am getting pretty sick of all the hatred and venom coming from one source. It’s totally unnecessary.”

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